Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Detective Doug Milligan speaks out

Frankly, after my wife left me and took my two kids I was convinced I'd never marry again. Then along came Stacey Wilbur. Just thinking about her makes me smile.

A tiny little thing, she is so different from my first wife. Kerrie was spoiled and mainly interested in herself--but she was tall, willowy, sexy and looked great no matter what she wore. But she hated my job with the police department. Stacey has short, sun-bleached hair and seldom wears make-up. She looks fragile--but has proven time and time again she's absolutely not. When she was first hired on as an officer at Rocky Bluff P.D., no one wanted to partner with her or have her turn up as back-up. It wasn't long before she proved she could hold her own. Though she seldom resorts to brute force--though she certain can when necessary--she manages to talk angry people down and is an expert at calming volatile situations.

It wasn't long before I began noticing she had acute powers of observation and deduction. I noticed others things about her too--her femininity, her great personality, and frankly--she's hot.

Yes, you guessed it, wasn't long before I was figuring out ways we could be together. Not easy when you work on the same department. Also I had to contend with the fact Stacey didn't think it was wise to date someone she worked with. Lucky for me, she felt the same attracting toward me as I felt toward her.

Things heat up for us as we work together trying to find out who killed the preacher's wife in No Sanctuary. I just wish she wouldn't strike out on her own so much--often putting herself in danger.

Detective Doug Milligan


  1. Marilyn, I like the blog. Great idea for advance promo. :-) Also find it easier to read now.

  2. These are some nice insights into Stacey from Doug. I liked reading how their feelings began to develop in "Smell of Death".

    You know, for a second there, I thought I had confused your two series because I began thinking Tempe and Rocky Bluff P.D. and then stopped myself. LOL!

    You keep writing them, Marilyn, and I'll keep reading.