Sunday, January 25, 2009

Maria Sounds Off

I'm Abel's wife, mother of Lupita.

My husband thinks I'm obsessive about the fact that he is exposed to blood in his job. What he doesn't realize that because of the low-lifes he deals with they might be infected with all sorts of diseases from hepatitis to the AIDs virus.

No matter what anyone may say, particles blood containing viruses can linger in the air when someone has been injured or shot. All I'm asking Abel to do is protect himself and his family by making sure he's wearing protective gear when entering an accident or crime scene.

Oh, I know he wears gloves and shoe covers to protect the crime scene--but my concern is what he might breathe.

Yes, I am a nag about that--but hopefully if I remind him enough he'll eventually pay attention to my warnings.

I love Abel and I know he loves me--but sometimes I wonder if his job isn't more important to him than his family. Not much I can do about that--police work is as much his chosen field as nursing is mine.

Maria Navarro, RN

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