Thursday, January 8, 2009

Officer Stacey Wilbur Speaks Out

Right now I'm the only female officer on the Rocky Bluff P.D. I vowed I would never date anyone on the department, knew all it would do was complicate my life.

That was before Detective Doug Milligan came along. In Smell of Death I'm the first one on the scene of two brutal murders and Doug (yes, that's what I call him now--at least when I'm thinking about him or we're alone together) enlisted my help in the investigations.

Oh, Doug was there in Final Respects, Bad Tidings and Fringe Benefits, but I didn't have really interact with him until Smell of Death.

Soon you'll be able to read about our continued romance--and some dangerous stuff I get to do--in the new book, No Sanctuary, coming out soon from Oak Tree Press.

Watch this blog for more information--and also for blog posts by others on the Rocky Bluff P.D.

Oh, and Marilyn wanted to let you know that at this time the only way you can order the first three books is from her website:

Officer Stacey Wilbur


  1. Lovely blogspot. I love it.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Dear Stacey, I will look forward to hearing more from you on your new blog. Thanks!

  3. Great idea! Fun to hear the character's view outside the story.
    Chris Verstraete
    Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery - bffs, a nosy Dachshund and the hunt for a missing mini Van Gogh.